Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Tibro Medical a Medicare approved provider?

    Yes, we are a Medicare approved provider of medical equipment specializing in Sleep Therapy Equipment

  • Does Medicare or private insurances pay for 100% of my sleep apnea supplies?

    No, but Medicare will pay a maximum of 80% of their allowed amount. Medicare has an “allowable rate” for all equipment and services. If the provider “accepts assignment” with Medicare, the provider agrees to accept 80% of the Medicare allowed payment and they also agree to charge the beneficiary no more than the remaining 20%, plus any unmet deductible. If you have a secondary insurance, they will often times pick up the remaining 20%, but this depends on the insurance.

  • Will my CPAP machine, BiPAP machine, and CPAP supplies be covered by my insurance provider?

    Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance companies provide coverage for durable medical equipment such as CPAP machines, BiPAP machines, CPAP masks, and CPAP related supplies. If you are not sure whether or not your insurance provides such coverage, we can contact your insurance company for you to find out.

  • How do I find out if I qualify for a CPAP machine through my insurance?

    Most insurance providers require your doctor to fill out a prescription along with necessary back-up documentation including a qualifying sleep study, titration study, and chart notes documenting the diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and the need for a sleep therapy device. See the CPAP machine link for additional information on what is required (link to CPAP machine link)

  • If I already have a CPAP machine, what does Tibro Medical need in order to provide my future supplies?

    • Approved Prescription Form
    • Qualifying Sleep Study
    • Chart Notes documenting the diagnosis of OSA and the need for a CPAP
  • What sleep therapy manufacturers do you represent?

    We represent the best manufacturers in Sleep Therapy Equipment. Brands such as Respironics, ResMed, Puritan Bennett, Devilbiss and Fisher Paykel.

  • What comes with my new machine?

    Machines come with a six foot tube, a heated humidifier, manual and a travel case. The machines also come with a smart card or wireless modem to download machine activity. This is necessary to be compliant with the new Medicare Guidelines. They do not come with a CPAP mask. CPAP masks and mask cushions must be purchased separately, but are generally covered by your insurance.

  • How often should I replace my mask?

    Medicare allows you to replace your mask every three months and your CPAP mask cushions once every two weeks to a month. Based on Medicare’s current guidelines, a full face mask cushion is generally replaceable once per month. A nasal mask cushion or nasal pillows are generally replaceable every 2 weeks. Most insurances follow Medicare’s replacement schedule, but each insurance can have its own schedule. Reach out to us today and we’ll check with your insurance and ensure you receive supplies based on your insurance’s guidelines.

    *Replacement schedule subject to change.

  • How often do I need to clean out mask?

    Masks need to be cleaned daily. Wash the mask and pillow with warm water and a mild soap, and make sure to rinse thoroughly.

    Equipment that is kept clean works better, lasts longer, and will help prevent nose, sinus, throat, and chest infections. Clean CPAP equipment may also help prevent skin irritation.

  • Do I need to replace my machine every five years?

    Manufacturers create new, quitter and more effective CPAP models each year. There isn’t any need to replace your CPAP unit because it is five years old, but a malfunction could be dangerous. It is very important to have your unit inspected yearly to ensure everything is working properly and to check that the pressure settings are accurate. Most insurances will pay for a new machine every 5 years as its general use period has passed. Call Tibro Medical or submit your information today to see if you qualify for a new machine.

  • How does Tibro Medical help me obtain a CPAP machine?

    When you speak to a Tibro Medical representative, they will obtain the necessary information from you to do the following:

    • Verify you have insurance coverage that will cover durable medical equipment like a CPAP machine or BiPAP machine
    • Send the necessary paperwork requirements to your physician to fill out and send to us.
    • Work with your physician to get a proper prescription once the necessary documentation shows the need and qualification for a CPAP or BiPAP machine.
    • File the insurance claim for you.
    • Call you every few months based on your insurance’s replacement schedule to ensure your sleep therapy is effective and replace your supplies as needed.
  • What is CPAP Therapy?

    Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) or CPAP Therapy is designed for patients who have Sleep Apnea. It is the most common and effective form of treatment for patients with obstructive sleep apnea.. It is important to work with a company that can help you troubleshoot CPAP machine or mask fitting problems. At Tibro Medical, we have machine and supply experts who will ensure you are getting the optimal results from your sleep therapy.